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The FDA, Boards of Pharmacy; compounding is under more scrutiny now more than ever. Plain and simple: we need to be compliant with the minimum standards in USP Chapter <797> and <800>. That's really just the beginning. The Compounding Compendium is filled with many others that, as compounding Pharmacists and Technicians, need to pay more attention to.

In this video-based, self paced course, Seth Depasquale, R.Ph. will be talking to you about aseptic processing. Pertinent to that discussion is some basics of microbiology, how to garb properly and etiquette for going into the clean room, environmental monitoring of your controlled area, and qualifying your operators for being able to go into the clean room to perform the function of aseptic processing. These are actually just a few of the topics that will be discussed; there's many more!

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Let's be honest, most programs are boring. You sit at a computer and click through the presentation as quickly as possible to get to the quiz at the end. This program does NOT use any powerpoint slides whatsoever, I promise. I'd fall asleep making them.

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"I have seen you go to great lengths to share your knowledge and demonstrate to other health care professionals that complex pharmaceutical preparations can be executed in a safe standardized manner."

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Landon Sanderson - Fairview Pharmacy Services

This is a PRE-Sale offer; Here's What You Get in January...

Month #1 - Cleaning and Disinfection of the Cleanroom

We all dread cleaning right? Well, my philosophy is work smarter, not harder. This month goes through all of the basics of cleaning and disinfection including: cleaning and disinfecting agents, techniques, tools and materials and how to assess your cleaning effectiveness.

Month #2 - Engineering Controls

How does a cleanroom work? Easy right? Well, if you don't know you should. I'll go through the who, what, when, where, why and how these engineering controls work. On top of that, I'll also discuss cleanroom certification reports and how to read them.

Month #3 - Pharmaceutical Microbiology

How do you kill something you can't even see? This is what we're challenged with everyday when we go in to perform sterile compounding. After all, the biggest source of contamination in a cleanroom is the humans. We shed MILLIONS of particles and on some of them is microorganisms. But they're not all bad and honestly, they're here to stay. Let's learn about them and what we can do to keep them out of where they don't belong: our cleanrooms!

Month #4 - Environmental Monitoring

Alright, you've learned about engineering controls and how to clean. These two things alone should take care of the microorganisms we learned about right? No. We need a quality assurance to tell us how our environment is doing; a barometer if you will for our cleanroom's state. Environmental monitoring can give you a TON of information about your cleanroom. That's if you know how to interpret it. This month I'll show you how.

12 Months TOTAL

Yes, 12 months in a year; 12 sections to this program in all. By the time you're done your Board of Pharmacy Inspector won't have anything to say! But that's not the goal here. The goal is to provide the absolutely best possible preparations with the highest assurance of quality. There's always a patient to think about at the other end of these decisions we make every day. Patients First. That's the focus.

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