The Pharmacy Inspection Compounder's Guide Webinar Series

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A Compounder's Guide to Lean Six Sigma Foundations - Process Improvement

Lean Six Sigma is a set of process improvement tools and concepts developed and crafted over time by multiple manufacturers including Toyota, Motorola and GE. These tools are able to be applied to compounding and pharmaceutical manufacturing to increase the quality to a level that is near perfect when used to the fullest extent. This is a foundational course on these powerful process improvement tools.

Webinar #1 Contents

This webinar teaches you the basics you need to know for bringing the Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement mindset and tools to your practice.

Webinar #2 Contents

In this course you'll learn the real-world ways to control and, more importantly, prevent contamination from entering your sterile compounding operation.

Webinar #3 Contents

This unique, information packed webinar was created over years of experience in handling hazardous drugs. You'll leave with knowledge you can bring to your practice today.

Full Series Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive Webinar Series.

  • A Compounder's Guide to Contamination Control
  • A Compounder's Guide to Hazardous Drug Compounding Workflow
  • A Compounder's Guide to Bridging the Gap between USP and GMP
  • A Compounder's Guide to Interpreting Cleanroom Certification Reports
  • A Compounder's Guide to USP <800> Compliance
  • A Compounder's Guide to USP <797> Compliance

The contamination control webinar was very helpful, trying to figure out where something you can't see is coming from can be difficult to say the least. It gave me a roadmap to figure that out.

Eric C.
Eric C.

I can't wait for the next webinar! These are very helpful. Thank you for what your bringing to our industry!

Bill B.
Bill B.

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The Pharmacy Inspection Compounder's Guide Webinar Series

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