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Pharmacy Inspection Podcast Episode 26 – Vitae Industries (AutoCompounder 3D Printer!)

Pharmacy Inspection Podcast Episode 26 – Vitae Industries (AutoCompounder 3D Printer!)
July 25, 2018 Seth DePasquale

This week we broadcast our interview that we recorded at CCH in June. Bryan was able to sit down with Jeanine Sinanan-Sing, co-founder and CEO of Vitae Industries, maker of the AutoCompounder 3D printer . They talk about their platform and the exciting possibilities available with its use. Thanks again to our sponsor for  CCH: Encore Scientific.

If you like the podcast follow us on twitter @PharmacyInspect and share the podcast with those who might find it helpful. We’re just getting warmed up; there’s SO many more topics to cover! Stay tuned for what’s to come! Thanks for listening.

Here’s the Vitae Industries AutoCompounder 3D printer in action at CCH (more below video):

Announcement: THIS WEEK USP will be announcing the proposed revisions of 797. Join Bryan and I for a SPECIAL EDITION of the Pharmacy Inspection Podcast where we’ll discuss some of th changes that may impact you if accepted. Of course, this also opens up a new comment period; after the show if there’s something you’d like to voice to the USP about their proposed revision PLEASE DO SO HERE (CLICK HERE):

If you have any questions for us during the broadcast EMAIL US (click), or Tweet @pharmacyinspect to ask us specific questions and we’ll do our best to answer!

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